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Image book Details

The book is among the most customisable image presents offered and one of few that offers the opportunity to consist of numerous pictures without having to produce an image montage (unless you wish to, obviously). The basic design layout for a book is to have a single picture printed on the front and back cover and a single photo for each of the 30 to 80 sides of pages in the photo book but you can customise these styles to exactly match your requirements in order to include more images or use more distinct design concepts.

Graduation Book

Use images taken throughout your time at college or university to create a graduation book for yourself. Graduation is a major achievement in life and one that ought to definitely be celebrated in style – the picture book offers that design with plenty to spare. Utilize your graduation picture for the cover of the book, add your name and graduation date, and then use a choice of photos from the past several years on each of the image book pages.

Schedule Of Love

The Book of Love is ideal for use as a Valentines Day present or to reveal somebody just how much you like them. A picture is printed on the whole of the left visible side of a page while text to accompany it is printed on the right. There are 10 double pages available so you can consist of 10 photos inside the book and you can add another for the cover too.

Your Life Book

The Your Life Book is another unique book design, this time created particularly for offering to others as a gift for the birthday or anniversary. It is specifically great to mark major milestones in an individual’s life and can be utilized as a celebration centrepiece or as a gift. Add a name and inset image for the cover and select in between a self mount image album style or printed book pages.

Wedding Guest Book

Many styles of picture book exist and the guest book is useful for guest houses, hotels, and comparable facilities but is specifically good looking and useful as a wedding event guest book. Choose a picture for the cover and pick the column headers that will appear inside the book.

Photobook – New Infant Book

Image books can be customised to include pictures and text. The text can be printed above or listed below a picture or it can be overlayed on top of the picture you select. Add images of your newborn baby and consist of information of when, why, and where the picture was taken.

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