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Fusionex launches GIANT 2017, comes with NLP capability

The analytics solution, known as Fusionex GIANT, allows companies to have a holistic view of its business operations, understand trends, buyers behavior, and even predict outcomes. April 10, 2018 — FUSIONEX International Plc, a big data analytics solutions provider, believes that its new big data analytics solution can help the company to win more clients […]

Globalisation initiative a major boost for ict firms

PETALING JAYA: Over the past year, the increased awareness of the Internet of Things (IoT), e-commerce and cloud computing has prompted many Malaysian businesses to adopt new technological solutions for their day-to-day operations. Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) is leading the country’s push into the digital domain with its Global Acceleration and Innovation Network (GAIN) […]

How Big Is Big Data? – Fusionex Malaysia

Here is a big concern: How big is big data? Is it as big as the 2016 gdp of Bahrain (US$ 31.8 billion)? Or Costa Rica (US$ 57.4 billion)? Or Qatar (US$ 152.4 billion)? Or Bangladesh (US$ 221.4 billion)? Incidentally, Malaysia’s GDP was US$ 296.3 billion while Singapore’s was US$ 269.9 billion, based on the […]